Cincy Sparks

LANDOR - Winter 2015

During my first internship at Landor, I was fortunate to be able to work on a branding project for a new client, Cincy Sparks. Cincy Sparks is a new organization that wanted a brand that encompassed their incredible mission:

"Every student deserves an excellent school. Cincinnati does not have enough great schools to serve all of our students well. Our city has made progress, but too many students still miss out on the opportunities a great education provides. Cincinnati’s students need us to move faster. We need to accelerate. Providing that fuel is what Cincy Sparks is all about. Founded in 2015, Cincy Sparks is a nonprofit fund dedicated entirely to student success in Cincinnati."

For my concept, I chose to use a firefly to represent the “spark”, or the moment when a student learns something new. The icons within the firefly represent the potential of the students, the potential that is strengthened with a great education. The firefly is also symbolic of a small creature lighting up the world.


Brand Assets


Brand Activation