During my intern and freelance experiences at Landor Associates, I was able to work with clients such as Downy, Febreze, Planters, Olay, Tide, Vicks, and more. Unfortunately I am unable to show most of this work on my website, but I would be happy to discuss this work in person. Below are some of the internal projects from my time at Landor. 

History of Landor

Winter 2015

During my first internship at Landor, the interns were given the challenge to develop and execute a project that demonstrated our creative skills, allowed us to work collaboratively, and was sharable with the entire office. After a few weeks of adapting to the company culture and brainstorming for our project, we discovered that Landor has a rich history that is heavily celebrated within the company.

Together, we decided to create a fun animation that gives the viewer a glimpse into the history of Landor. We started out by creating a working script, storyboarding, and then creating the imagery, characters, and typography for our animation. Once all of this was complete, we handed all of the layered files off to the media intern who created the animation in AfterEffects. After the animation was complete, we bribed the employees with baked goods to be the voice of the animation. After going through several employees voiceovers, we finally found one that fit our animation perfectly.

After the animation was finalized, we presented it to all employees on our last day. Everyone loved the video, and it is now used during client pitches, orientation, and other various recruiting efforts.



Fall 2015


For my final intern project at Landor, the other two design interns and I collaborated to create an inspirational office campaign. We realized that in the workplace, employees don't receive nearly enough credit for how hard they work. To help resolve this issue, we spent the semester gathering inspirational messages, sketching our favorite quotes, and flooding unexpected areas of the office with positivity.

On the day of our reveal, we came into the office early and placed a card and a button on each employees desk before they came into work as a teaser for our project. We utilized the front staircase, a few chalk doors, and blank walls as canvases for our campaign. We left all of our leftover buttons and cards on the lobby table for employees or visitors to collect. And finally, we threw a little party at the end of the day to tie it all together. 






Event Posters


Winter WonderlanD • Fall 2015

During my internship with Landor, I was responsible for the design collateral for two internal events. The first event, Winter Wonderland, is an annual holiday party thrown for the families of  Landor's employees. The event includes pictures with Santa, free carriage rides, crafts, and more. 



United Way OlympicS • Fall 2015

The second event was hosted at Landor as fundraising for United Way, a local nonprofit organization. Every year, employees are encouraged to donate to United Way, but this year Landor wanted to take a different approach by introducing a week-long "office olympics". The Olympic games featured Landor trivia, paper airplane contest, trash basket toss, martini glass balance, and a nerf gun shooting competition. The design of the event was inspired by the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic branding and pop culture of that period.