Graphic Tees

AEO - Summer 2014

During my internship at American Eagle Outfitters, I was a member of the Women’s Graphics Team and assisted with trend research and product design. AEO has a very specific target “girl” who is referred to often during the design process. She’s a fun-loving, concert-going teenager who is just starting to develop her own style. The only design limitation I had during this internship was to design for this "girl", which basically gave me complete creative freedom. 

This golden pineapple shirt was a personal project of the internship, and my favorite shirt that made it to shelf. At the time, pineapples were huge in trends and all the top fashion companies were incorporating pineapples into their designs. During a brainstorming session, I suggested we take a pineapple and give it a personality by adding sunglasses to it. My supervisor instructed me to purchase a pineapple and give it a little personality with accessories and have a photo shoot with it.

After doing this, something else hit me - why don't we spray paint it gold?! Everyone was skeptical of the idea, but I insisted on making my vision a reality. After work that day, I took the pineapple I had bought, purchased a can of gold spray paint, and turned it gold. I brought it into work the next day, photographed it, and turned it into a t-shirt. When my supervisor let me know it was online, I checked the AEO website, and they were already sold out. 



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